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Kill Ants with Diatomaceous Earth

by writer - October 22nd, 2011.
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Are you facing an ant infestation in your home and are worried of using those harmful toxic ant repellents that can prove to be harmful for your family, pets and food? Calling for an exterminator can be expensive and unsafe for kids. Are you looking out for something that is 100% natural and environment friendly to kill ants?

Diatomaceous earth is a sand or dust which is obtained from minute marine organisms’ fossilized shell. These shells are composed of the silica sand. Diatomaceous earth (DE) is an excellent absorbing powder which when sprinkled on ants skin dries out it exoskeleton thereby killing it.
Since DE is a natural substance so it’s not harmful unless inhaled.

Kill Ants with Diatomaceous Earth De

Kill Ants with Diatomaceous Earth

You must be very careful before using diatomaceous earth. This is not the same powder which you use for pool (which is indeed very harmful to kids and pets). You will get the right type of DE at any nursery or garden center. This DE The use of diatomaceous earth should be done with a bulb duster. The person must wear NIOSH approved goggles, gloves and respiratory dust masks. The University of Arizona’s Cooperative Extension states that ant killers, and repellents can be used for ant hills, ant trails and any entry point of the house.

The waxy substance present on the outer layer of the ant’s exoskeleton is dehydrated as soon as it comes in contact with diatomaceous earth. When this waxy substance gets dissolved by the DE ant gets killed.

Kill Ants with Diatomaceous Earth De1


When you notice a long trail of ants in your home and have your vacuum cleaner handy, immediately vacuum the ants. However, don’t let them make your vacuum their home so sprinkle some DE, which would kill them inside the collection bag.

Sprinkle or draw a line out of DE at the entry points from where the ants enter your house. DE would dry out the exoskeleton of the ants which would thereby dehydrate the ant and kill it. This step gives excellent results, especially in dry season.

You can sprinkle some DE into the anthills for a few days regularly, and you will notice them die.

IMPORTANT: you must ensure that your pet doesn’t sniff this powder. People who have respiratory problems must also stay away from this powder.

Kill Ants with Diatomaceous Earth De3

DE is ideal for gardens or yards. Use of it inside the house should be done with many precautions. Furthermore, it is advisable to stick to baby powder to kill the ants when inside the house.

Another use of DE is that you can kill other pests like spiders, bugs, cockroaches, etc with it.
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