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Kill Ants with Boric Acid

by writer - October 19th, 2011.
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As soon as summer approaches we all get worried by those creepy, crawly creatures moving here and there in our house. The trouble increases when you have small kids at home who can put these creatures in their mouth which can be really dangerous. Yes,you have guessed it right I am talking about ANTS. One can find several commercials on television offering ant repellents or baits but how many of them will work one can’t say. Opting for home remedies is one the best solutions to get rid of ants. 

Now here we are going to discuss about a secret weapon against ants,which is very effective and is the most important ingredient of ant baits sold in the markets.

Kill Ants with Boric Acid Boric acid

Boric Acid:

Boric acid was registered as an effective and simple insecticide in U.S in 1948. It is usually considered as a safe product to be used in households. It works by affecting the stomachs of the insects.

The best part about using boric acid as bait for ants is that it won’t kill them at the same place but would let them reach their nests and distribute it to the queen thereby killing her. Once the queen is finished the colony or the clan would soon be finished.


Instructions on How to Kill Ants with Boric Acid

Keeping the ratio of every ingredient correct is really necessary as strong bait would kill the ant on the spot which would not fulfill our main aim of killing the queen. Weak bait won’t have much effect on the ant itself. Don’t lose hope if you don’t find ants dead on the spot. You might need to wait for 6 – 24 hours to see the results.


Kill Ants with Boric Acid Syrup

Method 1:

  • Take 1 part of water, 2 parts of sugar and 1/2 part of boric acid powder and mix them well.
  • Put this in a small shallow container like milk bottle cap.
  • Keep the cap at a place where you have seen the ants.


Method 2

Another recipe of bait to kill ants with boric acid:

  • Mix boric acid powder and sugar in equal amounts.
  • Put the contents in the utensils in which you have decided to put the bait.
  • Pour a few drops of water in order to make the mixture slurry.
  • Your concoction is ready to be used as bait.

Kill Ants with Boric Acid Antskill

You can put few drops of the concoctions in the passage of ants,which would lure more ants to eat the bait.

Resist your temptation to kill the large number of ants coming to have the bait. You must wait and watch the effects of our natural home remedy to get rid of ants.


  • Ensure that kids or pets don’t go to that place. If you can’t check your kids from time to time,or you have really naughty kids you can do the following:
  • Pour the bait in a jam jar and put the lid tightly.
  • Pierce 2 – 3 holes in the jar and smear a little amount of un-poisoned bait on it.
  • Pack the jar loosely in cotton balls.

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