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How to Get Rid of Black Ants

by writer - October 21st, 2011.
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Black ants are the most common ants that are found in major portion of Europe, North America and Asia. This colony of black ants has only one queen. The worker ants are as small as 1 millimeter and the queen black measure up to 4 millimeters.  These omnivorous ants prefer to eat meat but can eat anything like honeydew, insects, vegetables, sweets, grease, etc. the mating and the search for a new colony of this ant species start in June and ends in October. After mating the winged male dies and the queen starts a new colony.

How to Get Rid of Black Ants Black

How to get rid of black ants

Kill The Queen:

An excellent way of how to get rid of ants is to locate and then kill the colony queen. The queen gives birth to several ants at a time and by killing it, you are exterminating the further birth of ants. You would probably find the queen ant at the base of the nests.

Stop Their Food Source:

Ants enter your home because they get their food supply there. An unclean house and kitchen with open leftovers and untidy dishes lying in the sink are an open invitation for the black ants to enjoy the free buffet in your kitchen.
If you keep your food covered or in an air tight container you will restrict their food source and force them not to enter your house and search for the food elsewhere.


Clean the Surface

Clean, wash, mop and sweep the kitchen counter, cabinets, tables and floors regularly. Pour vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it wherever you locate an anthill.

Vacuuming the carpet, mattresses and other cushiony furniture are also important to get rid of black ants.
After any party at your place, vacuum, your carpet and sofas as food in small quantities fall on them without your notice. Vacuuming the carpets and sofas will make them free from any pests, meat, vegetables or any other food.
Other than the nests the best hiding place for the tiny black ants is a carpet so vacuuming them once in 15 days is quite essential.


Use of a Large Bowl

Generally, it is seen that black ants attack the food bowl of your pets. You can’t keep cleaning the bowl as your pet needs to eat from time to time. However, you can place a large bowl (not too deep) filled with water and then place the pet bowl inside it. This would create a barrier between the ants and the food in the pet bowl.


How to Get Rid of Black Ants Spices 

Kill the Scout Ant

If you find a scout ant kill it at the site and wipe up the area with water containing a disinfectant. The ants leave a smell, i.e., the pheromone behind them, which helps other ants to find the food source and is also a symbol of the area being explored by them or their scout ant.
The black ants’ nests almost everywhere, they rapidly enter your house through cracks on doors and windows. Their scent or pheromone that they leave behind when foraging is not just limited from their nest to the food source area. They leave their smell at any place that has been explored by them.


Destroy Their Nests

Once you locate the ants’ nests it’s time to destroy it. Boil water and add table salt to it. Now pour this boiling water into the ant hills you find at your home or outside. No need to pour too much water, just enough to drown the entire colony of ants.

How to Get Rid of Black Ants Boric 

Boric Acid Powder – The Secret Weapon

This is the best solution for how to get rid of black ants. Use borax powder directly on the black ant’s nests. This will not only kill the worker ants but also the queen ant which is responsible for giving birth to thousands of ants.
You can also prepare sweet bait for the ants which would attract them and kill them gradually.

The boric acid powder works by affecting the abdomen and skeleton of the ants. For more information on boric acid powder baits click here.

For some more home remedies to get rid of ants click here.

I am sure that the above remedies will help you. However, if you have tried all the solutions of how to get rid of black ants and didn’t get any success, then it’s advisable to consult a pest-control service immediately.

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  1. Yet you fail to mention that black ants eat white ants and their larvae. A house with black ants will never have white ants and the black ants do not try to eat your home.

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