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How to Get Rid Of Ants in the Garden

by writer - October 22nd, 2011.
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The most common type of ants found in the garden or yards are the fire ants, black ants and the red ants.  Among them, you will probably find black ants in a majority which are taken to be monogyny, i.e.. The whole clan has only one queen which nests underground or in rotten wood.
The garden ants are a big trouble for the gardeners and garden lovers. You will find these garden ants exploring your garden, mostly in summers as they go foraging often for the queen and its young ones.

Some other ants which are found in a garden where there is a pond or the lawn is always watered, are tropical fire ants and the ginger ants.
It is not necessary that all garden ants are harmful to the plants as some of them help in pollination by crawling from bloom to bloom. They can also kill the caterpillar which is a harmful pest for the plants. The most harmful ants for plants are the leaf cutter ants as they destroy the vegetable garden by cutting their leaves.
Another thing to be careful about are the aphids, which attract the ants. These aphids release a sweet secretion on which the ants feed and also take it back to their nests to feed the queen.

How to Get Rid Of Ants in the Garden Garden


How to Get Rid Of Ants in the Garden

Few gardeners start panicking as soon as they see an ant hill in their garden. I understand their pain. However, you must think about the ways to get rid of the ants instead of getting worried.

Boiling water

You can slowly pour boiling water into the ant hills. This will kill the ants hiding inside the nests. However, you might have to repeat the process several times as you will find many at hills in your garden. You must not be too slow while performing the task otherwise the entrance of the ant hill will fall.

If you find the ants in the flower beds, then discourage them by controlling the aphids. The lesser the aphids the lesser would be the ants. Being a good food source for the ants the aphids attract more ants into your garden.

Ants love a moist atmosphere. However, they dislike wet grounds. By keeping the garden watered well you can prevent ants entering your garden.

Ensure that there are no wood logs getting rot in your garden or any other rotten organic substance. Ants make their nests on these rotten things.

How to Get Rid Of Ants in the Garden Garden1



Kill ants by feeding them their favorite thing, sugar. I don’t mean that sugar is harmful to the ants. However, you can kill them by mixing in it the secret weapon against ants, i.e., borax.

Mix 1 part of borax powder and 1 part of sugar syrup and keep it near the ant hills. The workers’ ants would readily eat the bait and also take it along with themselves to the nests for the queen. This bait will not only kill the ants but also the queen.

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You can prepare a spray of tea pennyroyal, southernwood, tansy and spearmint. This spray acts as an ant repellent.

Try using diatomaceous earth as your solution for how to get rid of ants in the garden.  Diatomaceous earth together with pyrethrum acts like a potent poison for the ants without being harmful to the environment.

Planting lavender, mint and marigold plants also prove to be beneficial for all of you wondering how to get rid of ants in the garden. The fragrance of these plants creates a problem for the ants to identify the pheromone released by the scout ant while foraging.

Sprinkle chalk powder around your garden. The chalk powder acts like an ant repellent and won’t let any ant enter  your garden and destroy your plants.

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You must have noticed that eliminating all the ants is a slow process and requires enough time and patience. Colonies or swarms don’t get killed in a night or overnight. Even the best and most effective home remedy or ant repellent takes many days to show its effectiveness.

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